Salesforce, while being an industry-leading platform, is no exception to vulnerabilities. Yet, it offers a rich suite of security features, ensuring that with the right knowledge and practices, your business data remains secure. 

At Sandyx, our commitment to security is unwavering. Let us guide you through some of the essential measures every business should implement.


Profile and Role-Based Permissions

One of the foundational aspects of Salesforce security is ensuring the right people have the right access. By configuring profiles and roles judiciously, you can define who can see what and perform which tasks. This ensures that sensitive information isn’t accessible to everyone but only to those who truly need it.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Simple to set up yet vastly effective, 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing Salesforce. Even if login credentials are compromised, 2FA ensures that intruders can’t gain access without the second verification form.


Session Timeout Settings

It’s easy for users to forget to log out, especially when juggling numerous tasks. Setting an automatic session timeout can mitigate risks associated with unattended screens. If a user is inactive for a specified period, Salesforce will automatically log them out, preventing any unauthorised access.


Field-Level Security (FLS)

Beyond restricting object and record access, Salesforce allows for Field-Level Security. This feature lets you specify which fields within records are visible or editable to various users. So, even within a record, sensitive data fields can remain hidden from those who don’t require access.


Login IP Ranges

Limiting logins to specific IP addresses or ranges can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access. By doing this, even if someone has valid credentials, they can’t log in from an unknown or untrusted location.


Monitor with Event Monitoring

Knowledge is power. Salesforce’s Event Monitoring tool provides detailed visibility into your org’s data interactions. This not only helps in understanding user behaviour but also in quickly detecting suspicious activities.


Regularly Review and Audit User Access

Over time, roles and responsibilities within an organisation can shift. Conducting periodic reviews of who has access to what ensures that your Salesforce setup evolves in tandem with internal changes. This is vital to ensure that ex-employees or those who’ve changed roles don’t retain unnecessary access.


Stay Vigilant, Stay Secure with Sandyx

Security, much like technology itself, is ever-evolving. What makes Salesforce stand out is its continuous commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to safeguard their operations. However, tools are only as good as their implementation.

At Sandyx, our experience and expertise align to provide businesses with a tailored approach to Salesforce security. From understanding the nuances of your operations to offering best practices in security configurations, we’re here to be your trusted Salesforce guardian.

Feeling the need for a security health check or keen to fortify your Salesforce setup? Let’s have a conversation. Trust in Sandyx to keep your Salesforce environment robustly secure.

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