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Implementation Partner for Salesforce®

Sandyx is a Certified Salesforce Implementation Partner, offering a range of Salesforce Consultancy services. We work with Salesforce on CRM projects encompassing a variety of business processes, including sales, marketing, customer service, collaboration and operations support.


Salesforce have revolutionised the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software industry, developing the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM solution. Repeatedly voted the world’s most innovative company, Salesforce have developed a suite of solutions that are fast, secure and don’t require any hardware or software maintenance.


For whatever reason you have chosen to implement Salesforce in your business, it will almost certainly need to work with other existing, critical systems. Sandyx have a wealth of experience in integrating a diverse array of third party solutions into the Salesforce platform, allowing you to achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, and quality.


Sandyx have developed an implementation methodology perfectly suited to the Salesforce platform, which has enabled us to deliver hundreds of successful Salesforce projects, across a wide range of market verticals, including Non-Profit, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Utilities, Local Government and others.


Using the power and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, Sandyx have developed an intelligent booking system that allows you to link multiple Salesforce objects to a highly functional and flexible calendar system. Capable of managing complex booking and scheduling requirements; AnyCAL will turn your Salesforce app into a powerful resource management solution.

How can Sandyx help?

I'm new to Salesforce

We can help you understand the benefits of implementing Salesforce® in your business. Help convert existing critical systems to a robust and scaleable cloud solution!

Thinking about Lightning?

Have you thought about moving to Lightning? Do you want to understand the benefits of the new Lightning interface? We can help with all your queries.

Salesforce Help & Advice

We can help you troubleshoot specific Salesforce® issues or problems and we can provide advice and guidance around your existing Salesforce® environment.

Service that you will love!

Sandyx use the Salesforce cloud computing platform to enable companies to quickly transform their operations, improve the quality of engagements with their clients, become more flexible and responsive whilst substantially reducing their fixed costs.

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Acorn Clinical Case Management System

Acorn is a web-based case management system designed for psychological therapy service providers. It offers a user-friendly and secure interface for storing patient data, allowing managers and clinicians to efficiently plan, record, process, and analyse information across different settings.

Acorn addresses the growing number of mental health referrals received by service providers, ensuring effective diary management and informed patient care in an ever-increasing demand scenario.

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