Salesforce, renowned for its diverse capabilities, can significantly amplify business productivity. But, as with any technological investment, the ROI is only as good as how you use it. 

Over the years at Sandyx, we’ve identified certain game-changing tips that often fly under the radar. Here, we delve into five crucial yet frequently overlooked strategies to maximise your Salesforce ROI.


Leverage the Power of Automation with Flow 

Most businesses are familiar with the basic automation tools of Salesforce like workflows. However, Flows offers a more visual and comprehensive approach. From auto-scheduling follow-up tasks after a lead is converted to sending custom notifications, you can define multi-action processes that can significantly streamline your operations. The result? More efficiency with less manual intervention.


Custom Reports and Dashboards

While Salesforce provides a plethora of pre-built reports, don’t shy away from crafting your own. By creating custom reports and dashboards tailored to your business’s unique metrics and KPIs, you obtain actionable insights. When you align Salesforce’s analytical tools with your strategic goals, decision-making becomes data-driven, swift, and efficient.


Dive Deep with Einstein Analytics

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant dream. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics harnesses the power of AI, offering predictive analytics, trend analysis, and even intelligent recommendations. By capitalising on these insights, businesses can anticipate market shifts, identify potential opportunities, and get ahead of challenges before they escalate.


Utilise Continuous Learning with Trailhead

Salesforce’s evolution is continuous. The platform frequently introduces new features, tools, and best practices. Through Salesforce’s own learning platform, Trailhead, you can ensure your team’s skills remain cutting-edge. Regular training not only boosts user adoption but also ensures you’re squeezing every ounce of value from your investment.


Integrate Third-party Apps with AppExchange

Salesforce, impressive as it is, doesn’t operate in isolation. To truly maximise ROI, businesses should explore the vast ecosystem of third-party apps available on AppExchange. From enhancing project management capabilities with apps like TaskRay to improving document processes with DocuSign, the right integrations can supercharge your Salesforce environment.


The Journey with Sandyx: Maximising Salesforce’s Potential

While these tips offer valuable starting points, the journey of maximising Salesforce’s ROI is continuous and often unique to each business. At Sandyx, our approach is rooted in understanding your distinct challenges, goals, and aspirations.

Our expertise not only ensures that Salesforce aligns seamlessly with your operations but also that its vast capabilities are fully harnessed for optimal returns. 

Curious about other lesser-known Salesforce gems or need guidance on elevating your Salesforce experience? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Sandyx is here, ready to ensure your Salesforce investment truly shines.

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