Salesforce, the world-renowned CRM, is a treasure trove of tools that have transformed countless businesses. However, some of its most valuable pieces can be easily overlooked. 

We’ve come across several underused tools that can significantly boost your business productivity. Let’s unearth these hidden gems together.


Macros in Salesforce Service Cloud

Macros in Salesforce are sets of instructions that automate repetitive tasks. While it sounds simple, it’s a powerful tool to speed up response times and ensure consistent communication. Whether you’re sending templated emails or updating fields, macros can streamline it all. The end result? Faster case resolution and happier customers.


Data Import Wizard

While Salesforce’s Data Loader is well-known, many users often overlook the Data Import Wizard. This intuitive tool offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the data import process, especially beneficial for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Bonus: It provides in-depth feedback on any errors during the import, so you’re not left in the dark about discrepancies.


Salesforce Console for Sales and Service

This is a multi-dimensional workspace designed to boost user efficiency. Users can view records, related records, or even lists without toggling between screens or tabs. For businesses that require quick navigation through vast amounts of information (think busy customer support teams), this feature can be a game-changer.


Einstein Search

Harness the power of AI with Einstein Search. Instead of standard search functionalities, Einstein Search personalises search results based on user behaviour and preferences. The more you use Salesforce, the smarter and more tailored your search results become, saving precious minutes and reducing manual hunting.


Dynamic Dashboards

Regular Salesforce dashboards give an aggregated view. But imagine if a sales rep could view a dashboard tailored just to their activities. Enter Dynamic Dashboards. They adjust in real time based on the user, providing insights specific to their role or activities. This enables faster decision-making and personal accountability.



Often used in Sales Cloud for guiding the sales process, Path isn’t limited to just that. It can be utilised to provide guided steps for almost any process in Salesforce, from onboarding new employees to managing intricate projects. The visual representation keeps teams aligned and informed at every stage.


Unlocking Salesforce’s True Potential with Sandyx

Peeling back Salesforce’s layers reveals a myriad of tools waiting to be leveraged. The real beauty of Salesforce lies not just in its powerhouse functionalities but in the often-overlooked features that make everyday tasks a breeze.

However, understanding and implementing these tools requires a blend of expertise and experience. 

At Sandyx, we pride ourselves on both. Our smart yet personable approach ensures you’re not just using Salesforce but truly mastering it.

If you’re curious about other hidden gems or keen on optimising your Salesforce experience, let’s chat. Dive deeper into the world of Salesforce with Sandyx by your side.


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