Rescuing Sainsbury’s from their software ordeal

"The timescales were tight, the projects had to be completed before the festive period."

What was the challenge? 

Sainsbury’s have utilised the Salesforce platform for many years to manage new sites and store implementations, as well as existing store renovations. The app had become impossible to manage inhouse, due to its complex nature and then being changed by various third parties over time. Sainsbury’s approached us looking for a way to transform the architecture for their critical business processes and create a more streamlined system. Halfway through this project, additional scope was added to build an important integration with a new system being created in parallel.

What was our solution? 

The original project was called ‘Back-to Basics’. Our main goal was to declutter and redesign their existing Salesforce app, which they had named ‘OnePlace’. The core system contained several problematic pages and poorly-designed elements, which Sandyx were asked to remove. This would simplify the on-going system maintenance, thereby reducing Sainsbury’s reliance on third parties whilst also increasing the system’s functionality. Part way through the project, Sainsbury’s came to us with an urgent request: Could we manage the integration of a custom-built system with their Salesforce One Place system? At Sandyx, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage complex Salesforce implementations, so we accepted the challenge.

What was the outcome? 

The skills of our development team, combined with close supervision by our senior consultants, meant that both projects were successfully delivered, on time and within budget. Sainsbury’s have taken back control of their critical Salesforce One Place app. This has eliminated their over-reliance on third parties and configuration can be managed in-house. The third-party system runs in parallel with the Salesforce OnePlace solution and manages key parts of the overall process. By adding new architecture in One Place and integrating this with external system, Sainsbury’s now have a highly functional solution and content employees.

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