Know your customers better with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Be a customer-centric company

It’s more important than ever to stay connected with your clients.  CRM and clever marketing has the ability to bring businesses, communities and clients together – even when most business operations are on hold. Read on to learn how Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to boost your CRM practices and know your customers better.

What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform made up of products and tools designed to help companies supercharge the way they engage with their target audience.

From intricate data analysis to campaign automation, there’s lots of ways in which it supports and empowers digital marketers – regardless of the industry they work in.

Know your customers better with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Gain insight to your customers with Marketing Cloud

There’s no other type of marketing platform that lets you optimise your client relationships like Salesforce Marketing Cloud does.

Below are just some of the features you should use in order to know your clients better:

Journey Builder

The data insights offered by the Marketing Cloud Journey Builder make it easy for you to learn a lot more about your customers, such as their buying habits or how they engage with your brand. This kind of information enables you to target both existing and potential customers effectively and deliver  a more personalised customer experience across all channels. Journey Builder also allows you to set goals so you can see how well certain practices or campaigns have performed.

The Marketing Cloud Studios

Another brilliant feature of Marketing Cloud is its sophisticated set of studios. 

Social Studio makes it possible to post simultaneously to multiple channels, whilst also monitoring online interactions, influencers and keywords. Email Studio is another widely used component, designed to help you deliver code-free email campaigns. Mobile Studio, Interaction Studio, Advertising Studio and Data Studios are all other examples of Studios in the Marketing Cloud.

Powerful integrations

Salesforce also recently announced that users can integrate Marketing Cloud with Google Analytics 360, which has taken engagement levels to a whole new level.

Would you benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Given how flexible and universally accessible the Marketing Cloud is, the chances are you would benefit from it regardless of your industry, audience or current CRM processes.   Maybe you want to change the way your sales and marketing teams collaborate or maybe you’d just like to use the content creation studios, we can help to get you started. If you’re still unsure, read our previous blog post explaining the importance of customer relations and how you can improve them. 

How we can help

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the topics discussed in this article, or understand how Salesforce can help your business, then please get in touch. You can also ring us directly, on 0161 710 3250

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