The importance of customer relations

Every company, regardless of its industry, should view its customers as one of the biggest priorities.

The benefits of doing so are perpetual, so it comes as no surprise that businesses are now scrambling to find unique methods that will boost customer relations. The term customer relations refers to the professional relationship between your company and your clients.

Any organisation that wants to succeed must aspire towards having excellent customer relations and the first leg of this journey is adopting a no-nonsense approach to CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which is a process used to build and maintain trustworthy relationships with clients. Lots of businesses use CRM technology, which is software that records all data about their organisation and clients. This data is then analysed so that they can identify their weaknesses and strengths relating to customer interactions and later make necessary improvements. Having invaluable data at your fingertips, such as the demographics and spending habits of your customers, means you get the full lowdown on how to retain them with little ongoing effort on your behalf. At Sandyx, we implement bespoke and competitively-priced Salesforce CRM solutions designed to help our clients exceed their specific business goals, especially in regards to customer retention.

How does using a CRM system improve customer relations?

By using the Salesforce CRM platform, you can quickly transform the way you carry out practically every business operation.

The amount of flexibility offered by the system, coupled with company-wide access to your customer’s information, means that all of your employees will be up-to-date on the same indispensable data and progress is made in real time.   

This makes it a lot easier for your customer service team to predict and deal with queries more effectively. Salesforce UK found that when sales teams have mobile access to the company’s CRM system, their rates of productivity improve by as much as 15%.

mobile phone 15x
Sales teams are 15X more productive when they have mobile CRM access compared to working solely on a desktop.

This is because staff members will simply be able to get more work done, due to enhanced communication, a clearer overview and effortless access to crucial data.

Sales representatives will be able to answer customer queries on the go, whether it’s by a phone call, an email or through a mobile live chat feature, which can easily be added to CRM systems.

The proof that CRM works

Did you know that according to recent statistics, utilising CRM software improves customer retention by as much as 27%? 

Yet despite this, only 45% of businesses store and manage client data using CRM software and an even more concerning 40% simply rely on basic tools like Microsoft Excel.

15% of businesses that were surveyed did not collect customer data whatsoever.

Only 45% of businesses who were surveyed store customer data using a CRM system.

This statistic becomes particularly crushing when you consider the fact that acquiring new customers can be seven times more costly than selling to existing clients, so why wouldn’t you focus on the contacts you already have?

Adept CRM helps you to do just that and ensures a higher chance of them sticking around for good.

Whilst the fundamental purpose of a CRM system is undoubtedly to improve customer relations, recently-developed CRM systems can be used for a variety of purposes – some of which actually have little to do with clients.

The proper use of a good system guarantees you a profitable return, which cannot be said for many other types of software.

According to Nucleus Research, for every 80p you invest into your CRM system, you can earn a return of £6.80.
Value of CRM
For every 80p invested in a good CRM system, it will earn you a return of £6.80.

We are Manchester-based Salesforce CRM consultants

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