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"Working with Sandyx has been a very positive experience. They made the whole process of tailoring and understanding Salesforce incredibly simple."

What issues did Sandyx need to address?

The New Futures Network (NFN) is a specialist part of HM Prison & Probation Service that brokers relationships between prisons and employers, with a view to obtaining employment opportunities for serving prisoners, those released on temporary licence and ex-offenders upon their release.

The NFN team were struggling to manage their engagements with employers sometimes two or three team members would be speaking to the same employer, whereas other companies had no-one engaging with them.

Engagements were being recorded by team members in multiple systems, with varying degrees of success and getting visibility of which team members were talking to employers was sometimes quite difficult. 

Understanding the success of the program was difficult without any centralised management information function. This also hampered the ability to meet the reporting requirements of the Ministry of Justice. 

Despite the success of the program, there was no way to accurately demonstrate this!

How did Sandyx help NFN? 

Sandyx worked closely with key members of the NFN team to understand how they were currently working, what systems they were using and how these tools were failing to meet their overall requirements. At the same time we drew out their requirements for how they needed to manage engagement with both prospective employers and with the prisons. 

Sandyx used the power of the core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features of Sales Cloud to build a powerful Employer Engagement Management system for NFN. The system records all the potential employers that have expressed an interest in the program, as well as the type of employment they can offer and the areas of the country where jobs may be available. This information is provided to the NFN Employment Brokers via they mobile devices (Apple iPads) and allows the brokers to record all the different engagement activities they carry out with the employers in their region.

When new Employment Opportunities are discovered they are recorded in the system and an announcement is sent to the relevant brokers. They are then able to match the type of job that is available with the appropriate personnel in the prisons. A comprehensive suite of management reports pull information from the system and display it in a dashboard that can be shared with all relevant stakeholders. This has allowed HMP to accurately report the success of the NFN program to the Ministry of Justice.

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