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One of the most common phone calls we get at Sandyx is from a customer who already has Salesforce but doesn’t feel they are getting full value from it. Over the years we’ve helped dozens of companies to better exploit their investment in the Salesforce platform – enabling them to deliver outstanding customer service!

Assessment and Remediation Service

We’ve gained extensive experience over the past 10 years in the assessment of customers’ Salesforce environments. We’ve conducted dozens of audits on behalf of clients who are having problems getting their system to do what they want it to do. Some customers have inhereted a Salesforce org they don’t understand and it needs to be simplified. Call Sandyx on 0161 710 3250, we can help! 

Break/Fix Support Service

We provide a ‘first contact’ service to a wide range of customers, all across the country. Rather than try to fix a problem yourself, or try and log the call with Salesforce… Call Sandyx. Our break/fix support contracts give you access to a pool of dedicated and experienced professionals who are waiting for that call. Where needed, we can escalate the call to Salesforce and manage it on your behalf.

Administration & Configuration Support Service

Some customers just can’t justify the overhead of maintaining an on-staff Salesforce Administrator, they can become expensive and at the end of the day, it’s not what your business does, but it is what we do… everyday… for dozens of clients. Take advantage of the skills and experience of our support team and cut your Salesforce Administration overheads. Speak to us on 0161 710 3250

Bespoke Salesforce Training Service

One of the most common causes of a failed Salesforce project is lack of user adoption. If your sales teams don’t see the benefit of the system they aren’t going to be motivated to use it. Sandyx provide bespoke Salesforce training, designed around the specific needs of your users and tuned to your business processes. We can “train the trainer” or conduct classroom sessions with end users, on site or virtually.

We are Manchester-based Salesforce CRM consultants

Our Manchester based Salesforce implementation offers a range of consultancy services. We work with Salesforce on CRM projects encompassing a variety of business processes, including sales, marketing, customer service, collaboration and operations support.

If you have would like to find out more about our Manchester-based Salesforce implementation service please contact us today, or ring us on 0161 710 3250 and we will be happy to help.

What Our Customers Say

"Sandyx were knowledgeable and were flexible when our requirements changed".
Lorna Esom
Saint Gobain
"We’ve worked with Sandyx for years and always found them forward-thinking, reliable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is successful".
John Slator
Insight Healthcare
"Sandyx were supportive, knowledgeable and highly effective. The project was set with challenging timelines which did not affect the quality of delivery".
Samantha Gowland
Inspired Energy

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