Safer Internet Day 19: What it means in the corporate world

Today, February 5th, is international Safer Internet Day. 

This year, the event will be celebrating its tenth anniversary across 140 countries.

Safer Internet Day
The logo for this year's Safer Internet Day.
With more businesses, schools and individuals participating in the event than ever before, the UK Safer Internet Centre plan to make the 2019 theme of “together for a better internet” their most prevalent message yet. Notable participants from last year include Age UK, CBBC and Manchester City F.C.

What is the purpose of Safer Internet Day?

Just like every year, Safer Internet Day 2019 aspires to raise awareness and get people talking about ways to make the internet a safer and more trustworthy place. Although a lot of Safer Internet Day supporters are sharing tips about how to keep children safe online, we feel that the 2019 message is applicable to anyone who uses the internet daily or on a large scale. Even if you don’t work with children or young adults, 98% of UK businesses carry out some form of activities online, making Safer Internet Day 2019 a very relevant event you should participate in.

The robust protection offered by Salesforce

At Sandyx, we specialise in projects based on the Salesforce platform and work with Salesforce products on a daily basis, many of which involve a CRM system. The average CRM system alone holds masses of personal client data, which instantly justifies the need for robust security features. Salesforce incorporates various safety tools into each product and service that they offer, including a constantly-updating infrastructure and user security features like two-factor authentication and identity verification.  Additional custom security features can also be implemented depending on your specific needs, which our consultants can assess in detail for you today.

Be sure to communicate with your employees

Although it may sound tedious, reiterating the significance of cyber security to your team is actually of paramount importance.

Every employee, regardless of their seniority, will handle some form of sensitive data and this instantly makes them a risk.

Seemingly innocent mistakes like reusing weak passwords, misplacing devices that store information and forgetting to delete ex employees off the system open your business up to infiltration. Reputational damage, hefty fines and even a lessened ability to operate are all potential outcomes of improper internet usage – and your employees need to understand this. Make it clear to everyone in your company that online security is a shared responsibility and unidentified behaviour, regardless of how it occurred, will be reported.

Enhance the digital functions of your business

Is your CRM software completely up to scratch? The chances are, we can make it better. If you would like to discuss anything that was mentioned in this article, or understand how Salesforce can help your business, then please get in touch. You can also ring us on 0161 710 3250 directly. You could be our next success story.
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