Rescuing Sainsbury’s from their software ordeal

Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains.

They have been avid users of Salesforce for many years, mainly to manage new sites and store implementations.

However, the Salesforce org that they used had been adapted by so many third-parties over time that it had become problematic for staff members to manage.

"The timescales were tight, the project had to be completed before the festive period"

Sainsbury's Salesforce

What was the challenge?

Sainsbury’s required the help of Sandyx to streamline and declutter all aspects of their Salesforce org. Our first task was to remove several complicated pages and poorly-designed elements that were affecting the functionality of the system.

This system is a Salesforce app they had named ‘OnePlace’ and it manages a lot of crucial processes, so it urgently needed to be refined.

The second challenge

Part way through this project, Sainsbury’s presented us with a new request involving the integration of a bespoke system with their existing Salesforce app.

This would typically be a demanding task, however due to our team having ample experience in complex Salesforce implementations, we confidently accepted the challenge.

The bespoke system now runs in parallel with their OnePlace app, consequently making the system highly functional and Sainsbury’s staff members less frustrated.

What was the outcome?

We ensured that the new site design met all of Sainsbury’s wishes in regards to design, functionality and maintenance, which also means that their reliance on third parties has radically decreased.

The skills of our development team, combined with close supervision by our senior consultants, means that we were able to complete both of these tasks in time for Christmas and remain in close contact with Sainsbury’s.

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