Major overhaul of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s UX

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution is a multinational corporation made up of the biggest firms in the UK construction sector, including Jewson, Graham and Ceramic Tile Distributors.

"Sandyx were knowledgeable and flexible when our requirements changed"

What was the challenge?

Saint-Gobain required a solution that would support their business processes associated with the management of existing stores, as well as support future network expansions. Given the wide range of brands they work with and their rapid rate of growth, we knew the solution had to be flexible. Sandyx have crafted a bespoke implementation methodology tailored for Salesforce projects. After taking into account our client’s initial requirements, Sandyx created a solution prototype. This allowed Saint Gobain to see a representative system to confirm that it would suit their needs, whilst we got to work on some of the background development.

What was our solution for?

Sandyx, harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform, integrated Google Maps directly into the user interface, allowing users to search the database themselves.

This allowed them to add a variety of filters, such as location, to narrow down the results displayed on the map. 

Saint Gobain
How the store management function now appears to its users.

Each store or site in their system required a geotag so it could be visible on a map, accompanied by important details like brand status and ownership.

What was the outcome for Saint-Gobain?

Reviewing the prototype yielded some new ideas for change and some additional requirements. These amendments were addressed quickly and followed by an additional round of user testing. This allowed Saint-Gobain to ‘fine tune’ the user experience so that it accurately reflected their preferences.

The flexibility of our development methodology helped to deliver exactly what the client needed to build perfectly tailored property management strategies.

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