What is Salesforce Lightning?

What is it?

Salesforce Lightning is a completely new and enhanced way of interfacing with your Salesforce environment.

The Lightning Experience is the new component-based user interface for Salesforce. It has been optimised for mobile access and has a much cleaner, more modern appearance.

Since its unveiling in 2015, this game-changing user experience has been improved and expanded in every release of Salesforce.


New Features of Salesforce Lightning

Reports & Dashboards

One of the most obvious enhancements in Salesforce Lightning are the changes visible in Reports and Dashboards.

Animated, interactive charts illustrate your data. A robust report run page is easier to read and filter. The dashboard editor now supports more than three columns and features components that span multiple columns and rows.

You can transition easily from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience with Reports and Dashboards that are automatically viewable in the new interface. And they inherit all permissions and sharing settings that were defined in Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce Lightning

“Because of features like Reports & Dashboards, Lightning users are seeing a 40% increase in collaboration over Classic.“

Paths & Guidance

Paths can be use to guide sales people along the steps of a process, such as working an opportunity from a fresh lead to closing the deal. At each step, help your team succeed with specific guidance and resources. You could even incorporate validation rules to enforce the collection of required data at each stage of the path.

Recent updates to Lightning mean that Paths are now available across nearly every object. For example, Paths have been added to Contracts and Orders to visually highlight key fields and provide users with helpful links and tips at each step. Paths are now about much more than just guided selling

“Because of features like Paths and Guidance, Lightning users are seeing 22% higher conversion rates over Classic.“

Download our Lightning Whitepaper

Download our comprehensive guide to Salesforce Lightning, including what’s new, what’s great and what’s not quite there yet.

Salesforce Lightning whitepaper

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