Inspiring Insight Healthcare to become Salesforce savvy

Insight Healthcare is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together healthcare professionals, clients and treatment venues across the UK.

When pairing up practitioners and clients, the Insight team analyse a variety of different factors to ensure the right individuals are meeting up and in a location suitable for both parties.

Given the many different aspects to consider and the sheer amount of bookings being made daily, the process had begun to consume a lot of the staff members’ time and required streamlining.

"We have worked with Sandyx for years and always found them forward-thinking, reliable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is successful".

What was the challenge?

Insight Healthcare chose to partner with Sandyx to develop a user-friendly patient management system on Salesforce.

They needed to be able to create appointments that considered multiple factors, quickly and easily. It was important to ensure that clients with particular mental health needs met with medical practitioners possessing the right skills, in a location with the right facilities.

What was our solution?

After considering the detailed requirements identified by Insight, Sandyx quickly realised these could be partly met by one of our existing custom Salesforce applications. The product is a savvy appointment booking app called AnyCal, which Sandyx developed on the Salesforce platform. AnyCal provides a colour coded, drag and drop calendar with daily, weekly or monthly viewing options. It allows calendars to be available for contacts and venues without additional license costs. AnyCal functionality was implemented for Insight, and then developed further to allow additional functionality to select various criteria including customer preferences and location. These preferences are then combined with the search results to produce a shortlist of matching practitioners and venues within the reach of the client including all shown on a map view.

What was the outcome?

The interactive calendar we created through AnyCal has proven to be incredibly helpful to the Insight team and their clients. It allows clear visibility of appointments via calendars for each room in a venue, and each Practitioner.

Not only does it save time and effort when pairing up clients with the right practitioners, AnyCal also updates the calendar in real-time, as bookings are made to ensure that appointments never overlap.

Insight Healthcare AnyCAL
This is what the AnyCal calendar software looks like in action on a mobile.
Other attractive features of the system is that everyone who is involved can be notified instantly via email, and for SMS reminders to automatically sent to clients (for clients who have agreed to receive notifications). This results in better utilisation of scarce resources while at the same time providing an enhanced service for the client, which has naturally resulted in higher rates of attendance. The original system was rolled out to an individual service in 2014. Since then, Sandyx and Insight have maintained a very close relationship and have completed many projects in multiple Salesforce instances, with more projects planned for the future. 

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