Helping Hermes stay ahead of the competition

Hermes approached Sandyx looking for a flexible and highly-functional system that would allow them to keep ahead of industry changes. With an average workload of 300 million parcels per year, it’s understandable that Hermes urgently needed software that would enable them to continue growing at such a rapid pace. After carrying out a thorough review of the available solutions, Hermes chose Salesforce. Sandyx then took over to design and implement the Salesforce solution.

"I am very happy with the role Sandyx have played in helping Hermes UK achieve our goals"

The growth of a leading courier firm

Hermes utilise a large team of field managers, which are geographically dispersed across the country to manage the vast network of local couriers. A field manager could be managing up to 100 couriers and would also be responsible for recruitment of new couriers for their area.
Hermes specified the three most important software functions as being; an off-line mobile app, an easily integrated recruitment page, and a reporting feature for managers to track courier performance.

Helping Hermes stay ahead of the competition

Sandyx and Salesforce delivery

Sandyx used the power of the Salesforce Platform to rapidly deliver a working prototype of the system.

The bespoke solution was made using the core components of Sales Cloud. The mobile app means that managers can carry out all their tasks while on the road, with a lack of connectivity not being an issue.

From an iPad or Android tablet, a Hermes field manager can now review courier applications whenever they wish to as well. Successful candidates are then converted to Couriers within Salesforce and their progress is later tracked. Salesforce integrates with the Hermes parcel processing system, pulling in the data needed to provide performance metrics on each Courier.

This allows the field managers to conduct informed reviews with Couriers, using the mobile app to display report data in real-time during the review.

What was the outcome?

Thanks to the plentiful experience of our consultants, Hermes now have a bespoke custom-made solution which benefits all parties involved. Managers at Hermes are now able to monitor their staff on-the-go and review job applications, which has sped up all aspects of the process and freed up considerable time. Hermes are now confident in their software which is capable of growing at the same rate as they are.

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