Exhibiting at the Tech Show North 2019

Sandyx were very grateful to have secured a stand at the Tech Show North 2019, one of the most prolific business exhibitions taking part in the North West.

What was the purpose of the Tech Show North?

The Tech Show North 2019 was the biggest gathering of technology companies, suppliers and vendors outside of London to occur this year.

Visitors were free to explore the very best talent and innovation in the UK technology scene, watch demos of products and services and even consult one-on-one with exhibitors to arrange work.

"MediaCityUK can become a space where leaders from across the Northern Powerhouse can see how AI and tech can transform our productivity"

Exploring the exhibitors - and getting stand envy

Given the nature of the Tech Show North, we anticipated some incredible and forward-thinking displays showing off the very best in technology – and we weren’t wrong.

Upon arriving, we saw an array of inventions, demos, light boxes and competitions being set up everywhere – including VR headsets, a branded buzz wire game and a 3D printer whirring away to produce figurines.

Tech Show North 19 exhibition
Our view on the first morning of the event as our neighbours set up their stands.
One stand featured a display which gave a whole new meaning to interaction – this incredible MediaCity mosaic photograph by Arm, a globally-established IoT provider and architecture designer.
Tech Show North 2019 Mosaic image Arm
The mosaic picture-wall on Arm's stand - made up of selfies taken by visitors across the two days - turned out to be Media City!
Centre stage of the event hall features two lustrous Tesla vehicles, which naturally captured plenty of attention – especially when their sound systems and rising doors were turned on for a demonstration! Being an outstanding leader in automotive innovation, it’s hardly surprising Tesla snagged a spot at the Tech Show.
Tech Show North 2019
The Tesla vehicles attracting delegates.

Promoting our services to a wide variety of visitors

From digital agencies and fin-tech developers, to University research institutions and recruitment app designers, there was a stand representing something for absolutely everyone. 

Tech Show North 2019
The popular Red Bus Bar put on display by Knight Corporate Finance.

Being a Salesforce CRM provider ourselves, the visitors to our stand were primarily Salesforce rookies or users who hadn’t yet discovered the full power of the platform. Others recognised the word ‘Salesforce’ on our signage and simply wanted to know more on what it is, especially if it was being used in their workplace and they wanted to sharpen their knowledge.

Our head of sales, Stuart Greig, kept the demos flowing on his laptop for people to watch and before we knew it, we had collected a whole jar of business cards and filled-in enquiry forms.

Our summary of the Tech Show North 2019

CRM is an incredibly broad and important concept not only to us, but to any organisation that deals with customers.

The fact that we were one of the only CRM providers at the Tech Show North gave us a whopping advantage and we are delighted that we’re able to provide some of the attendees with a perfect CRM solution – who were equally delighted with our presence.

Tech Show North 2019
The Sandyx stall on the second morning of the Tech Show North awaiting the early morning inflow of visitors.
Overall, Sandyx thoroughly enjoyed the Tech Show North and met some wonderful people with bright ideas, concepts and questions over the two days and we look forward to working with them in the near future and attending similar events. If you have any questions whatsoever about your existing CRM system or Salesforce org, please do not hesitate to contact us today.
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