Make customer experience a priority in 2020

How to improve your customer experience in 2020

In simple terms, customer experience is the impression you make on your clients. 

Everything from the way you digitally market a service to how you follow up on a closed deal contributes towards the overall customer experience. 

Companies that understand the value of brand loyalty are rightfully making it their priority to improve the customer experience, with 2020 guaranteed to bring more disruptive and innovative solutions than ever before.

Our new blog explains what you should expect for the future of customer experience, how you can improve your strategy using Salesforce and the undeniable benefits of doing so.

How is the customer experience changing?

Delivering a positive experience for your customers means and involves so much more in 2020 than what it meant in 2010. 

Customers are harder to please and expect a lot more from you, such as wanting readily available support but not wanting to be hassled – hence the creation of live chat bots. Whilst customers may be harder to please, a good recommendation or online review is more valuable than ever before as 91% of consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to use a business, according to BrightLocal. Perfect your customer experience and the positive reviews will swiftly follow.

Redefining the mobile experience is also a top priority, with 50% of users claiming they’d be considerably less likely to use a website again if it wasn’t mobile friendly.

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Customer experience is a priority for 2020 - here's the proof

According to a report by PwC, one in three loyal customers would abandon a brand they love if they had just one bad customer experience. This statistic was taken from a survey involving 15,000 US consumers. 93% from the same group of respondents said they would ditch a brand entirely after two or three negative experiences.

Furthermore, a Walker study predicted that by 2020, a positive customer experience will be more of a key brand differentiator than price or product – proving that it really is worthwhile to invest in creating a better experience for the new year if you haven’t already. In fact, PwC also found that 89% of buyers even would be willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

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Using Salesforce to deliver a seamless customer experience

By using the wide range of cloud-based solutions on the Salesforce platform, you can deliver a consistent and satisfying digital customer experience across all business channels.  Using Salesforce, you can gain insight into your clients and use this information to build better professional relationships with them. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to target customers with tailored marketing (e.g emails, social media engagement) – making you consistent and unforgettable in their eyes. Customisation is key to providing an enhanced digital experience and Salesforce equips you to treat every customer like you know them personally. You can also use the Service Cloud to give the relevant staff a unified view of where your clients are up to so everyone knows exactly what level of support they require and at what stage. This is particularly beneficial to companies with a structured sales process in place or a 24/7 customer helpline. We can show you how to use Salesforce to deliver a better customer experience if you’re still undecided – please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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