Celebrating 150 years of Sainsbury’s

Congratulations to Sainsbury’s for having a positive impact on society for 150 years.

A brief history of Sainsbury's

Opening their first ever Drury Lane store in 1869 and stocking it with nothing but eggs, butter and milk, Sainsbury’s has achieved a lot since then.

Not only are they now the UK’s second biggest supermarket chain owning a total of 1,423 stores nationwide, they are a brand that cares about their customers, their employees and the environment. Sainsbury’s has been one of our top clients for the past couple of years and we are incredibly proud to think that the project work we do for them continues to support their growth.

Celebrating 150 years of Sainsbury's
Sainsbury's store in the 1950's - the first store to introduce self-service functions.

Sainsbury's celebration of 150 years

On Wednesday 22nd May, Sainsbury’s revealed that Her Majesty the Queen was a visitor in their temporary 1860’s style pop-up store, which was set up on Drury Lane – just a stone’s throw away from the original site of their very first shop. Aside from a nostalgic trip down memory lane coupled with a regal visit, Sainsbury’s also offered customers extra Nectar points over the late May bank holiday weekend. Motorists were also treated to a reduction in fuel prices across Sainsbury’s petrol stations. A big factor of Sainsbury’s success is due to their customers and this has clearly been acknowledged in their anniversary celebrations.

What did our project work for Sainsbury's entail?

When we first got in touch with Sainsbury’s, they were looking for assistance with their property portfolio management system. Given the abundance of stores they have, it’s hardly surprising that they wanted this system to be highly functional and efficient.

Sainsbury’s chose to partner with Sandyx because they were impressed with our hands on approach to the project and our goal of delivering a system that requires less external support, consequently freeing up time for their technical team.

The system they were using was based on the Salesforce platform, however it had been altered by numerous third party developers over the years. Sainsbury’s were looking to add further functionality and integration with a documentation system being developed in parallel, whilst cleaning up and simplifying existing processes.

The end result - a flexible and foolproof solution for Sainsbury's

By the end of the main project, Sainsbury’s had a refined system capable of future adaptation if necessary, without disrupting any functionality. The technical team at Sainsbury’s were delighted with our solution and further projects have been undertaken and are ongoing, to add additional enhancements and integrations.

 If you have any questions whatsoever about your existing CRM system or Salesforce org, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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