Acorn Client Management

Acorn has been developed in response to the spiralling number of mental health referrals received by service providers over the last few years, numbers which are likely to keep increasing for the foreseeable future.

Cloud-based and with simplicity at its core, the Acorn system will help mental health service providers securely store and manage all aspects of their clients’ care pathways.

Complete Client Care Pathway

Acorn provides complete, end-to-end care pathway management. From initial referral right through to discharge, Acorn will provide the environment you need for your service.


Acorn provides a complete Practitioner Management component, showing their availability and their appointments on an interactive calendar.

Data Submission and Reporting

Acorn makes reporting and data submissions as simple as possible. The system is fully compatible with IAPT MHSDS 5.0 submissions, including SNOMED codes

Multiple Services

Acorn has been designed so it can scale with you. It supports service providers who are managing one, two or even dozens of services.

Cloud Based

Built on the Salesforce platform, Acorn takes advantage of the security, power and flexibiltity of one of the world's most popular development environments.

Fully Customisable

Acorn supports your specific needs, not those of a generic mental health service provider. We ensure the system delivers the service you need to support your clients.

Key Features of Acorn

Sandyx will customise any implementation of Acorn to meet your specific requirements. These are some of the key features that we find most clients add to their wishlist, but it by no means a comprehensive list of available functionality.

Comprehensive Contact Management

Maintain multiple types of Contact, such as Client, Practitioner or Consultant and then record as much or as little contact information as you need against them. You can even store different information for each type of Contact. All Contacts display a full 360° view of the information related to them in the system.

Colour-coded Practitioner Calendar

An easy-to-use, drag and drop calendar is available for all your Practitioner contacts, allowing them to easily add new appointments with clients. Calendars can be shared with administrators to give them at-a-glance view of availability for adding new appointments.

End-to-End Care Pathway

All the care interactions with a client can be stored against their contact record and are easily visible to any Practitioners who have been granted access to those records. Their care record is associated with all other related records, such as risks, questionnaires and appointments. A single view of their end-to-end care pathway.

Request a Demo of Acorn

If you would like a no-obligation demonstration of the core Acorn system, please complete the form below and someone will be in touch to arrange it.

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